Samantha Sayers fell in love with real estate while she worked independently in the fields of interior design, foreclosure investments, and vacation rentals. Her eye for detail and love of people launched her official broker career, and she began leasing homes throughout the Seattle and surrounding areas.
Samantha has lived in and enjoyed various Seattle neighborhoods. She blends perspective as a renter with experience leasing on behalf of homeowners to create a well-rounded and upfront knowledge base for her clients. She is deeply ingrained with the local community via the arts and humanities groups, and she focuses on keeping her finger on the pulse of Seattle and its ever changing landscape.
With a background that blends art, marketing, and sales, Samantha provides clients with a unique and rewarding experience while professionally handling the curveballs that the industry is known to throw. She is dedicated to serving her clients with detailed, timely responses, good humor, and genuine drive to accomplish their goals.
Contact Samantha today at or 814-449-6360.